2018 Gratitude Campaign

Dear Friends,

Lucie and I went to the 4th of July Campground some weeks ago.  After we parked we walked in circles trying to find the trail head.  Other people were also looking for the trailhead. Soon we were walking with another couple searching for the way.  Something sparked and this old guy remembered where the trailhead  is located.

You may wonder why I am telling you this story.  Well, I love telling stories. ?  And this story reminds me of my connection with Mountain Cloud.  As we walked past the marked trailhead, many “markers” started popping up.  Familiar road forks, springs, trees, boulders, steep inclines were all there.  My feet just kept going on and on.

Perhaps you can feel where I am going with this tale.  Something draws me back to the trail called MCZC.  Sometimes I lose my bearings and can’t see the trailhead.  Perhaps it’s best to stay lost.  However, there is always this feeling that eventually comes to me, I am Home.

Gassho, Will Brennan

Consider the ways in which Mountain Cloud Zen Center has become home for you. Is it a place you can return to in order to find your bearings? Is it a source of replenishment and peace?  Mountain Cloud is a unique training center where each of us embarks on a Zen journey of authentic discovery.

Please consider making a year-end gratitude gift to Mountain Cloud. Any amount is gratefully appreciated. All gifts will help maintain and widen the MCZC trail, allowing the dharma to transform the lives of many for years to come.

Click here to support Mountain Cloud 

Or, mail a check to:
Mountain Cloud Zen Center
7241 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM

Many thanks to those who have already made a year-end gratitude gift.

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