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A Flash of Lightening

November 27, 2015


Once, inspired by the beautiful autumn evening, the Master was strolling
through a sweet potato field. A farmer, thinking he was bent on stealing
the crops, surprised him and struck him with his fist. Not content
with this, he then tied the Master to a pine tree and continued to
pummel him with blows. Begging forgiveness, the Master declared: “I
never intended to steal!” The farmer, shocked to recognize the Master’s
voice, promptly untied him, apologizing profusely. The Master broke out

The one who beats
And the one who is beaten
Recognize one another to be
As ephemeral as a drop of dew
Or a flash of lightning across the sky

from the book

Great Fool – Zen Master Ryokan
Poems, Letters, and Other Writings


Photo and creation by Rosa Bellino, used with her permission

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