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A Koan in Practice: Dharma Talk with Henry Shukman

May 23, 2022

The Koan is about one teaching, the only teaching which is realizing that all phenomena are threads in one single fabric… but the fabric is not even a fabric, it is hollow and empty. To realize that the entirety of experience is an empty non-substantial wholeness… that’s awakening in koans… Every last little thing is that great reality.

~ Henry Shukman

Henry begins by addressing loose ends left over form the two Introductory Koan talks delivered last month. Then he dives deeply into a specific koan between Zen Masters Hyakujo and Ōbaku.

Obaku asks Hyakujo: How can you show people the most important teaching that has been handed down? Hyakujo remains seated at his place.

Ōbaku then asks, What should people in succeeding generations transmit? Hyakujo answers, I think you are one singular person. Ōbaku then returns to his room.

Henry explores Hyakujo’s presentation of just sitting. We are invited to release our understanding and knowing so that we can find exactly what Hyakujo and Obaku each experience. Koans are resolved in the actual heart of our experience.


Image by Deborah Jackson from Pixabay

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