A New Vision for Mountain Cloud: We Need Your Support!


Sangha members, friends and supporters….

Mountain Cloud Zen Center is entering an exciting new chapter in its 31 year history. We are on our way to becoming the North American center for Sanbo Zen, a vision held by our teacher Henry Shukman, our board of directors and our Japanese Abbot, Yamada Ryoun Roshi. As the North American Sanbo Zen Center we will become a vibrant training and practice center spreading the wisdom and compassion of the dharma into our profoundly amazing but chaotically turbulent modern world.

With $450,000 we will be able to undertake the first stage of our vision. We will significantly upgrade our facilities which have not been improved since our inception many years ago. And, the good news is that with the generous support of our Abbot, the Mountain Cloud board and several Sangha members, we have already raised close to half this amount.

Please accept our invitation to invest in Mountain Cloud’s future. Your help is vital for our transformative vision to flourish.

Your contribution will allow us to improve our infrastructure; parking, access, sewage, fire protection and more—by bringing it into compliance with 21st century norms. These necessary upgrades will allow us to completely refurbish and expand Cabin 1 with four new rooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette allowing an additional 14 sesshin participants, visiting teachers and students to be comfortably housed at Mountain Cloud. With these critical improvements, we will be on our way to becoming the Zen retreat center that our founders desired and our Abbot envisions.

Mountain Cloud is an extraordinary place, and is embracing its mission as a center for authentic Zen practice and training. With your help, Mountain Cloud’s light will expand wider and further, and many more people will be able to benefit from the immeasurable dharma gifts we have to offer.

Please become a partner in our future. Make a generous donation today!

With deep gratitude,

Mountain Cloud Board of Directors
Henry Shukman, Guiding Teacher


Image grid by Scott Morgan and featured image by Cherie Manifest

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