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Amoda Maa with Henry Shukman

November 13, 2022

Two Different Paths, One Awakening

In this episode, Amoda Maa is in conversation with Zen teacher Henry Shukman. The conversation is facilitated by Kavi who asks questions about the profound awakening experienced by both of these teachers, Henry within the path of Zen and Amoda without any tradition or teacher. Were these experiences the same or different? And what impact did these experiences have on how life was lived since that time? These questions and more are explored!

Amoda Maa is a spiritual teacher and author, offering meetings, retreats and online courses to support and deepen the living of an awakened life. She has been sharing her teachings since 2012, initially at small gatherings in the UK. Since 2016, she has been living in the US and her teachings are followed by a growing number of seekers world-wide.

Amoda brings to her teachings a depth and breadth of understanding of the human journey, born out of her own immersion in the furnace of personal transformation. In 2002, in the depths of existential aloneness, she experienced a profound awakening in which there was a liberation of self from the knot of ego and an ongoing unfoldment into inner silence. After a long period of integration, in which all seeking and all methods stopped, she started to speak in public.

Her teachings are free of any ideology and are not affiliated with any lineage or tradition.

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

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