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An Offering to the World (Video)

June 5, 2022

“Your sitting is not for the world, it is the world

How can our practice be an offering to the world? asks meditation teacher Shana Smith. The question arose from the Florida Sanbo Zen Sangha as response to Russian’s invasion of Ukraine. Like all koans this question lived on in the weeks to follow. A number of koans came to mind as Shana thought about giving a talk to the MCZC community that addressed how our practice can be an offering to the world. Having a performance background, she considered the talk to be a presentation of the shout, a performance of sorts. Instead, however, Shana got quite ill with Covid. A strong NO resounded through her being. The dharma waits for no other time but now, to be ready.

Still wanting to explore this life koan, How can our practice be an offering to the world? Shana turned to another well known koan from both the Gateless Gate and the Book of equanimity, Wash your Bowl, for support. 

Featured Image from the Gainesville Retreat Center Website

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