Autumn Sesshin: September 17-23, Registration Closed

When we clearly see that all things we attach to arise, endure and pass away, and surrender to that truth, we find peace and serenity.  ~ Henry Shukman

harvest moon sesshin


Our 6-day Autumn 2018 sesshin is from Monday September 17 through Sunday September 23. Join us for this early autumn period of deep practice; led by Henry and inspired by the boundless reality of the dharma and the authentic, living Zen tradition.

Each day will begin at 6am and end at 9pm. There will be plenty of outdoor practice, both walking and sitting, and we will use some of the samu time to help tend the land of Mountain Cloud, among other things. Click here for a sample schedule.

Please arrive between 4-6pm on Monday September 17. We will have supper at 6pm followed by a short meeting regarding housekeeping and job assignments. Please attend the dinner if you can. The official sitting will start at 7.30 in the zendo.

Please sign up and make your payment by September 10. Payment is for the entire sesshin. Financial aid is available, please click here for our financial aid policy and application.

If you don’t want to pay online, please bring a check or cash to the center by September 10 or make an arrangements with our administrator.  No refunds after September 10.

Sliding Scale:  $380 – $530

Payments that exceed $400 contribute to our 
scholarship fund and are tax deductible

Part Time: If you need to attend the sesshin part time, please contact Henry. If he approves a part time schedule for you, contact Johanna for cost and payment arrangements. Part time registration and payment is also due by September 10.

Please note: Sesshin is a rigorous and at times challenging meditation retreat that is not necessarily recommended for beginners. If you have not previously done extended sitting or participated in one of our weekend Introductory retreats, please let us know and we can help you decide if perhaps another retreat is a better starting place for you.

Registration is now closed.  Join us for our Rohatsu Sesshin December 2-8

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