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Birth and Death 1

October 21, 2016


Because a buddha is in birth and death, there is no birth and death.

It is said also…

Because a buddha is not in birth and death, a buddha is not deluded by birth and death.

These statements are the essence of the words of the two Zen masters,  Jiashan and Dingshan*.  You should certainly not neglect them, because they are the words of those who attained the way.

* Jiashan and Dingshan are ninth century Chinese masters.


Translated by Arnold Kotler and Kazuaki Tanahasi

From Moon in a Dewdrop, Writings of Zen Master Dogen, Editor Kazuaki Tanahasi, San Francisco: North Point Press, 1985.  Image: Stillness,  and more Stillness by nik gaffney, CC by-SA 2.o, from

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