Bodhidharma’s Vast and Void, Dharma Talk by Hannelore Mueller

Guest Speaker Hannelore Mueller opens this beautiful talk recognizing the seriousness and major impact of Covid 19 world wide. We are asked to learn the intimacy of life, sickness and death, and to pay attention to the personal responsibility of our common fate.

Hannelore next speaks on the koan, Bodhidharma’s Vast and Void. When Bodhidharma arrived in China, Emperor Bu asks him, What is the ultimate meaning of the holy truth? Bodhidharma answers, Vast and void, no holiness.

Hannelore Mueller is a Zen teacher and a physician in Germany — in both Western and Chinese medical traditions. She’s a member of the C.G. Jung society and has also worked as a psychotherapist

This talk was recorded on October 4, 2020 in our virtual zendo. Find this and many other talks and discussions on the Mountain Cloud You Tube Channel.

Image: Bodhidharma by Yoshitoshi, PublicDomain images, from Wikipedia.org
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