Breaking Ground

After three years of planning, we are now ready to begin improving and expanding our facilities.


Photo from our January 14 Ceremony of blessing…. taken by John Braman

We will start with much needed upgrades to our infrastructure in order to meet Santa Fe County Codes, so that we can continue to use our land and buildings for daily practice and sesshins.

The tasks ahead of us include….

Widen the driveway and turnaround and add new parking spaces

Improve drainage and construct two detention ponds to catch runoff

Connect ADA compliant parking with new pathways to the zendo and install new and improved path lighting where needed

Install a large storage tank and hydrants for fire protection

Move Cabin 1 to a new location for use as construction workshop

Construct a new 800 sf building combining bedrooms and bathrooms under the same roof

Install a cistern to catch rainwater that can then be used for landscape irrigation.

We are pleased to announce that will be working with Jim Evans Construction company, and that Jim Wilkes, who had a major hand in the construction of the original zendo building, will be the supervisor on the job bringing continuity and extensive experience to the project.

Our intention during this process is to have the utmost respect for the land and the life forms residing on it. We are deeply committed to restoring all areas impacted by the construction and will harmonically blend all that we do with the beautiful landscape which we inhabit.

On upcoming Saturdays  (weather permitting,) we offer the opportunity to participate in the work hands-on. No prior experience is required, any skill level is appreciated. All it takes is the desire to help with whatever is needed and a willingness to contribute. As we build Mountain Cloud, we build relationships and deepen the sangha.

This will include much shoveling and moving dirt and rocks, but we are also looking for volunteers to organize snacks and lunches. Depending on the number of volunteers, we might need additional shovels and wheelbarrows. If you have tools you can spare, let us know.

We encourage you to get involved and help us. Please contact Chris Wuest at to let us know that you would like to participate. You will receive a short questionnaire and will be placed on a special mailing list for project volunteers. This will help us organize tasks and communicate up-to-date information. Also, If Saturdays don’t work for you but you would like to help, let us know and we will find a solution.

In addition, we have scheduled three week-long work sesshins to get substantial work done and to offer those who don’t live in Santa Fe an opportunity to contribute. They will be a combination of zazen, teisho, and samu (work.) Meals and accommodation will be free for participants. The dates are: April 1-8, June 3-10, August 19-26.

For more information, inquire at

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