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Message from Henry: Happiness

If the problem is how to be happy, then most of us assume that we need to pacify the irritations, soothe the fears, and satisfy the desires of the self in its interactions with the world. But then we might get wind of “wisdom,” as it manifests in ancient philosophy. That means to be skeptical […]

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Finding Love: Two Talks by Sanbo Zen Teacher Ruben Habito

Infinite, conditional, boundless love…   Listen to Ruben Habito answer the question, What is Zen?  He explores how practicing Zen involves finding love everywhere, in all things. The desire to search for unconditional love lies deep in our heart. Four motivations bring people to zen practice… Curiosity Health benefits, stress reduction, practitioners find the the […]

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The Context of Practice, Henry Shukman (Video)

Henry reminds us that Zen training is our own work, effort, commitment and investment of time and energy. Yet the context of practice pulls us outside of ourselves, out of what we know and allows us to uncover our authentic self. Retreats are a critical part of creating this context. Henry also reminds us that […]

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The Unadjusted Step, Dharma Talk by Valerie Forstman

Valerie offers this post-election talk and acknowledges our deeply divided nation. She introduces the taoist concept of the unadjusted step – stay where you are and don’t move, as a way to face this moment. Despite our division, separation doesn’t hold well. Valerie also explores the famous koan about Master Baa who is near death […]

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One Blade of Grass, One Single Experience – with James Beshara and Henry Shukman

Listen to the discussion between Henry and host James Bashara and read this brief introduction from the Below The Line podcast webpage. Today’s episode is with British poet, author, and Zen master Henry Shukman. Henry is able to touch on so many different topics with a brilliant articulation that one would expect from a poet. We […]

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