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Message from Henry: Mindfulness

…a taste of our mindfulness developing and expanding. Mindfulness… it can be like creating a warm loving home inside yourself. Whenever an uncomfortable feeling comes up, an edge of fear, hurt, irritation, anxiety, stress, restlessness, annoyance, hurry, or overwhelm, or despondency — when they arise in the heart, the warm home is quickly activated, the […]

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Message from Henry: Ensnared

So easily we get caught in fantasies of self-advancement and self-protection, of self-satisfaction. How hard it can be to recognize that we have been “ensnared” or caught in loops of desire, in silken skeins of aversion. They arrive in subtle ways, surreptitiously, and before we know it we are fleeing or pursuing dreams, and battling […]

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Message from Henry: The Pivot

In Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, the young novice monk Alyosha falls to the ground, on the night of the wake for his recently deceased beloved spiritual mentor, and has a profound epiphany. When he gets back up he knows his soul has changed permanently, and for the rest of his life he will look back on this […]

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Message from Henry: Kensho

There are three ways we could look at it, especially at how veridical it is. Kensho is an intense experience a human being can undergo which radically adjusts their way of experiencing themselves and their environment. In particular it undercuts their allegiance to their ordinary separate sense of self. It often has lasting positive effects […]

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