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Video – Meet Your Life, Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg gives an inspiring talk about Zen in action. She describes some of her background experiences in both Zen and writing and how they interact and nourish each other. She talks about taking up writing as her practice, encouraged by her teacher Katagiri Roshi. Natalie reveals three guiding formations from her years with Katagiri […]

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Video – This Very Moment, Valerie Forstman

Zen is the heart of the one who asks. Using modern American and ancient Zen poetry Valerie explores the unconditional now – a single tissue of constant change – by looking at grief, the heart, death, emptiness and form. One glimpse of who we truly are, speaks to all of this. Valerie asks how can we […]

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Message from Henry: Me

…it (Zen) offers us a way, a space, a practice in which to investigate just what our sense of “me” really is. One of Buddha’s three “marks of existence” is no-self – that there is no abiding, fixed self. The sense of self so entrenched in each of us is not the permanent entity it […]

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Video – What is Going On? Bill Bruce

Senior student Bill Bruce shares dharma nuggets from his many years of practice and study. Bill looks at the koan, The no gate gateway. Case: “Unmon said, the world here stretches boundless away. Why let the bell sounds tell you when to don your seven-piece robe?” Bill talks about grief, illness and loss and absolute […]

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