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Casa, by Rosa Bellino

  Casa a place I must leave I know Each step carved on the wheel of life a circle that never ends a circle of ever new vistas in a world I do not yet know and yet… Casa a place I know must return to as I walk on the path that will bring […]

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Uji – Being-Time, Dogen

An old Buddha said: For the time being, I stand astride the highest mountain peaks. For the time being, I move on the deepest depths of the ocean floor. For the time being, I’m three heads and eight arms. For the time being, I’m eight feet or sixteen feet. For the time being, I’m a […]

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Breathe Truth into the Word

Poetry does not care If you like it or not Rhymes may care What you write How you write But true poetry doesn’t care About the words you use It only cares About the silence you sing The pauses The stillness That breathes into your voice The invisible wind That carries each letter Each sound on […]

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The Ultimate

All objects point to the Ultimate,  and a real work of art actively brings whoever  sees or hears it  to his real nature, which is beauty.  The difference between an ordinary object and a work of art is    that the object is passive in its pointing towards the Ultimate  whereas the work of art is active. […]

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Lost in Dream

I never saw the heart beating in my chest the Love that was the melody to my life The life that I overlooked searching too far searching in the future for the Present I alway miss Here before me Me! This Being that beats in my heart this song that moves my fingers writing a song […]

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When the Light Reflects on Itself – The world is created – A Wonderful reflection Of Itself into form – A form-less marriage Of Light and shadows. The Light Never changes True to Itself – Its projections Ever changing, flickering On the still canvass That embraces everything That Lights everything Lost in the dream You  walk […]

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Nothing to Understand

There’s nothing to understand. Do you understand a caress or a flower? I’m just. If you try to understand your mind as if it was a puzzle to solve, or try to understand which direction your life is going to be able to direct it to the best you are wasting energy and breath. Life […]

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A Work of HeArt

  I would like my work to be the poetry of silence.   Each work, whatever form it takes, is a ‘trace’ of a journey within,  of an inner alchemy, a quest for identity,  a drawing, a calligraphy,  that reveals who we are at that particular moment,  like a mark on the canvas called life.  […]

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When Spring Returns

When spring returns to the earth, the myriad things are born. Smashing empty space to pieces, one is free and at ease. One will never again become attached to self or others. Although the Dharma Realm is vast, one can encompass it all. *** Venerable Master Hsuan Hua *** Image and Creation by Rosa […]

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