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White Clouds Old Mountains

White Clouds, Old Mountains

“Although the white clouds have no mind, wherever they go they seem to be attracted to the old mountains. What are these white clouds? What are these old mountains? Dōgen struck the sitting platform with his whisk. After a pause Dōgen said: No guests remain within the dragon gate. Turtles and cranes are inherently mountain […]

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Crimson Leaves of Autumn

“What will remain of my legacy? Flowers in the spring, The hototogisu in summer, And the crimson leaves of Autumn.” – Ryokan, 1758-1831 One Robe, One Bowl, Translated by John Stevens Photo and creation by Rosa Bellino, used with her permission.  

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Bird in the Sky

A Bird in the Sky

“A fish swims in the ocean, and no matter how far it swims there is no end to the water. A bird flies in the sky, and no matter how far it flies there is no end to the air. However, the fish and the bird have never left their elements. When their activity is […]

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Facing the Wall

It’s me and my shadow again: the little night I cast on the wall looking cubist this morning, square-shouldered, pin-headed. All the trouble, all the pain, yearning and hope: all from that one square yard of darkness on the wall. Bodhidharma sat this way, a leaf of a man blown in from the West, light […]

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Wind in Trees

When trees toss in high wind and a suspicion of rain travels across their dark faces, I long for the old summers under smoky oaks. Whoever I am, it’s not who I thought. Who is it the rain and wind wake with their sighing? That tree-lover, summer-lover – try and find him, was he ever […]

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One with the Clouds

Wherever you are, you are one with the clouds and one with the sun and the stars you see. You are one with everything. That is more true than I can say, and more true than you can hear. ― Shunryu Suzuki Photo and creation by Rosa Bellino Quote by Shunryu Suzuki from

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