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Dharmatalk: Beginners Mind & Four Levels of Practice

January 25, 2022

“… The beauty of Zen is its simplicity. The challenge of Zen also is its simplicity ...”

Description: This Sunday morning talk by Henry Shukman starts with a guided meditation on beginner’s mind. No matter how far along we may be in our practice, we may maintain a beginner’s mind by welcoming every moment as fresh and new, here and then gone, like a wave rolling onto the shore. This is followed by a discussion about the four levels of practice and a Q&A session in which we consider how Zen is about more than just progressing toward the goal of awakening.

And, here’s a link to our YouTube video of this talk.

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Post & Featured Image (edited): Zen Rock Garden in Ryoanji Temple, Kyoto, Japan by siraanamwong, purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our website/social channels (this image is not permitted to be shared separately from this post).

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