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Dharmatalk: Sesshin Talk 4 (of 5): Case 74, Book of Equanimity: Hogen’s “Form and Name”

November 15, 2018

“… The force that through the green fuse drives the flower …” ~ Dylan Thomas 

force green fuse flower

Description: This is the fourth tesisho from the Spring 2018 sesshin. In Case 74, Master Hôgen says, “Form arises from what has no substance yet; name comes from what has no name yet.” We can discover the world that Hôgen is presenting with these words – a reality where we see through everything, where self and world are gone, and all aspects of our experience are empty, and all that remains is joy. And it is exactly this moment just as it is. We are intimately supported and propelled by Kanzeon, the loving force of our existence, to encounter our true heart.

Post & Featured image: Water Lotus by JoBeeOneToo, CCO Public Domain.

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