Embracing our Intrinsic Belonging: Mountain Cloud’s 2022 Fall Appeal


Special Event!

As we approach the end of our Annual Fundraising Campaign we want to invite all of our Members and Friends, the entire Mountain Cloud Sangha, to an evening of inspiration and entertainment celebrating our theme of Embracing Our Intrinsic Belonging.

Please join us online on Thursday, November 17th. We’ll start at 5:30 MT with a group meditation. The event will commence at 6:00.

Zoom Linksit.mountaincloud.org   
Passcode: mountain22


With grateful hearts, we offer deep appreciation to our members and friends who have donated to our 2022 Fundraising Campaign.

To our local community, your presence, patience, and practice make Mountain Cloud a place of peace and belonging. As we reopen our doors we invite our local sangha back home. We need you and want you to return to the zendo and our land, if you haven’t done so already.

Through our dynamic online community, which developed rapidly during the pandemic, a new model of sangha is evolving. We’ve developed new courses and retreat formats to share the dharma broadly, far beyond our expectations.

Our online and hybrid programs have exploded in popularity and we are developing innovative ways to bring our online sangha into the heart of our community. Mountain Cloud offers everyone, local and online, a dharma home, a place of inclusive and spiritual belonging.

To Do This…

We are implementing online technologies that facilitate sharing amongst participants and teachers. Building on what we have learned through offering Original Love, this summer’s popular 30 Days of Zen program was a first such offering to cultivate dharma and belonging in a novel way.

Enthusiastic Participants…

“The program exceeded my expectations: deep zazen through the online zendo, the open, positive “let’s try it” mind set of participants, the profound daily dharma messages. My daily life feels more peaceful.”

“Thank you, I have struggled to achieve daily practice for years and this did it for me!”

“The 30 day course was outstanding in every regard… little did I know the peace, calm, wisdom and overcoming past traumas that could happen in just one month.”


We’re developing a variety of exciting programs. But…. their development requires resources and capacity. We need your support to make them happen.

Please make a generous donation to support Mountain Cloud and its programs. Support our mission and expansive vision to fully serve everyone coming through our virtual and physical doors.

Where will your donation be used?

Fine-tuning our hybrid technology: To bring you live hybrid retreats and events throughout the year, we need to fine tune our technical capacity and processes. We need skilled people, software and hardware.

Staff development: Expanding our operations and management staff and adding to our teaching faculty. Key hires include our first ever Executive Director and an Online Zen program manager.

Creative New Programs and New Teachers: As Spiritual Director, Henry’s vision for Mountain Cloud casts the dharma in many flavors and colors. To fully empower Mountain Cloud’s mission to awaken, liberate and protect all beings, we are implementing new programs and new approaches to teaching. Similar to 30 Days of Zen and Original Love we have more ideas for ways to make the dharma accessible to all and to cultivate our growing online community. We are drawing on a great network of teachers who complement and contribute to this broad endeavor. Your donations fuel this vision, mission, and great work.

Residency Program: We are re-opening our Residency Program. Scott Thornton, a gifted Sanbo Zen Assistant teacher, is developing, will manage, and guide this important on-site dharma program. A residency program is much desired and now that the pandemic is receding, we are excited to restart it.

Scholarships: We are committed to making the dharma available to all regardless of financial circumstances.Your donations to Mountain Cloud empower discounts, sliding scales, pay-what-you-can, and full scholarships.

Deferred Facility Maintenance: Though we have replaced our heating system, upgraded our water systems, roof, and replaced bathroom and kitchen countertops, there is more deferred maintenance on our aging facility that must be attended to, especially as we welcome long-term residents back to the facility.

Please dig deep into your own well of gratitude and compassion to support the Mountain Cloud Zen Center.

With deep gratitude,
Henry, Valerie and the MCZC Board of Directors

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