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Q&A with Henry Shukman – July 18 5-7pm MT

Join us for this live event where Henry will be responding to questions from our real-life practice. This Q&A session is special opportunity to receive teachings on the wide range of topics raised by our diverse community of practitioners – including you!

No matter whether our questions arise from years of sitting or from just a matter of days…

… whether they’re brand new or old familiar haunts, specific or broad, mundane or spectacular…

Sometimes just the act of asking the question offers its own support; or hearing the question from a fellow practitioner helps us recognize that question in ourselves.

Wherever we are in our journey, a bit of informed affirmation can open us up to what our practice is offering.

Please join us for an evening of learning and support. This Q&A session is part of our Original Love program, but all practitioners are invited to this valuable, nourishing event with Henry.

Registration is on the Original Love website: CLICK HERE.


July 18, 2022
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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