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SocialiZen: Saturday December 16, 9-10am MT, The Thousands

Better than a thousand useless words is one
useful word, hearing which one attains peace.

Better than a thousand useless verses is one useful verse,
hearing which one attains peace.

Better than reciting a hundred meaningless verses is the reciting
of one verse of Dhamma, hearing which one attains peace.

from the Dhammapada,  Chapter 8, The Thousands

Join us for SocialiZen on Saturday December 16,  from 9-10am MT in our online zendo. We will continue looking at the Dhammapada, focusing on Chapter 8, The Thousands

SocialiZen is an informal, lightly facilitated time to look at a Buddhist text, connect with sangha, check in about your practice and exchange stories, questions and wisdom. It is free and open to all, whether you are new to Mountain Cloud or a longtime participant; whether you are local to Santa Fe or zooming in from across the globe. Please join us even if you missed the earlier classes on the Dhammapada!

This event series is being co-created with attendees — informed by your own vision — and continues to evolve from month to month.

Topic: The Dhammapada
Text: https://www.buddhanet.net/pdf_file/scrndhamma.pdf

The event will be held in our online zendo:
Link:  sit.mountaincloud.org    Password:  mountain22

And, feel free to reach out to Sarah@mountaincloud.org with any questions about the event!

Upcoming  SocialiZen sessions – Stay Tuned.

December 16
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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