Financial Aid and Work Exchange for Retreats

Mountain Cloud offers financial aid through work-exchange and scholarships for those needing financial assistance to attend our retreats.

To apply, use the form below to write a brief statement about why you need assistance and how much you can reasonably pay. Your statement will be reviewed by our financial aid committee who will make a decision about your request.

We offer between 2 and 4 partial scholarships per retreat, based on applicant need and availability of funds. Local sangha members seeking aid will be asked, if possible, to work in exchange for their scholarship. Tasks can include: gardening, grounds maintenance, cleaning, sewing zafus and zabutans, etc. Work times should be coordinated with our facilities manager, Sarah.

Cooking prep prior to the retreat can also be used as work exchange, and should be scheduled with the cook.

Out of town applicants will not be required to do work exchange unless their individual situation allows them to do so.

In most cases, aid given will not exceed 50% of the retreat fees. The applicant then pays the difference. Applicants with additional need may be asked to pay the cost of food only, which is $30 per day, or in a rare cases, offered a full scholarship.

The committee will endeavor to ensure consistency and impartiality in administering the policy.

Applicants are requested to apply for aid at least 3 weeks prior to a retreat.

Financial Aid Request

Financial Aid Request
  • e.g. Rohatsu, Spring Retreat, Intro Retreat, Zazenkai
  • e.g. physical or health condition, don't live locally


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