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Hello friends,

We are so blessed to have a growing group of practitioners at Mountain Cloud, all of whom find different ways to support our beautiful adobe center and the land bequeathed to it. Everyone is generous in their own way, just as practice encourages us to be. Buddhism has “six perfections” or “means of crossing over” – six attitudes or orientations that help us “cross to the other shore” – in other words, to awaken.

The first paramita is dana, or generosity. All the other paramitas follow from that. It is the basis of the rest. If we get that down, everything else naturally follows. After all, this universe itself is one great act of generosity; therefore, our practice begins there too.

Dana paramita is a true generosity of spirit. It is giving from sincere desire to benefit others, without expectation of reward or recognition. (Barbara O’Brien)

Generosity is as much a part of our practice as is sitting meditation and samu. Generosity encompasses… 

Time we give to the sangha as zendo team volunteers, gardeners, board members, cooks, cleaners, and laundry worke

Talent and skills we offer: teaching, writing, photography, financial planning, organization, gardening, database maintenance, podcasting and much more.

Material support we share, in membership dues, and general donations that match our personal means.

Thank you all, for all you give! Please be aware, however, that membership dues cover only one quarter of our expenses, making it necessary for bi-annual requests for financial support. 

Here are some of the places where your money goes when you donate to Mountain Cloud….

Breakfasts for a week for a samu worker:  $15

Breakfast and lunch for a samu worker for a week:  $37.50

Handmade zendo candles for six weeks:  $40

Partial scholarship for a weekend retreat:  $65

Full scholarship for a weekend retreat:  $130

Partial scholarship for a 6-day sesshin:  $190

Full scholarship for a 6-day sesshin:  $380

Snow plows for a season:  $500

Electric bill for one year: $1000

Stackable Washer and Dryer for the Cottage: $1400

Gas bill for a year:  $750

Insurance for one year: $5000

Please consider making a contribution of any amount to our mid-year Generosity Campaign.  Click here to make a donation.

Again, deep gratitude for all the ways you support Mountain Cloud Zen Center with your time, talent and treasure.  


Henry, Rachel and the Mountain Cloud Board of Directors


Featured Image by John Hain, CC0 Public Domain,
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