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Guru Viking: Interview with Henry Snukman

June 28, 2021

Henry was recently interviewed by Steve James on the ‘The Guru Viking Podcast’ which specializes in in-depth interviews with remarkable figures in the world of spirituality and self development.

In this interview Henry discusses his upbringing in Oxford, as the son of a don and a graduate of the illustrious Dragon School, and how in poetry he found the liberating aspect of literary life.

Henry reveals his first awakening experience, the breakdown that occurred thereafter, and how finding meditation saw him begin a quest to deepen his spiritual life. Henry discusses the importance of finding a teacher, how he overcome a childhood-learned distrust of men to do so, and why his Zen practice brought an end to his professional writing career.

The audio versions of the interview are distributed to iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher etc. The Video is on YouTube. For more information about Steve James, his podcast and his work, click here.

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