{AUDIO} Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations from Henry Shukman

Here are some short guided meditations to help – and deepen – your ongoing practice.

We recommend that you set up in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, on a chair or a cushion, and play whichever of these you are drawn to. The meditations with Mu are for people who are beginning to sit with this first koan. By all means allow yourself to sit longer than the recording itself, as your schedule permits. Enjoy.

1. Exploring Space – Sit quietly and listen to the soundscape around you; there is just one single space between you and the sounds you hear. Rest in this this single space of awareness. (10:08 minutes)

2. Body, Space and Mu – Henry’s guidance invokes body awareness and sensate aliveness. Awareness is one pervasive alive space that receives Mu. (15:31 minutes)

3. Mu Meditation Intro – Henry helps you tune into the body’s broad, spacious awareness and guides you to begin sitting with Mu.(14:09 minutes)

4. Space in the Day – Turn off your consuming mind and sit comfortably for this soothing guided meditation that helps you make space in your busy day and open to a gentle exploration of awareness. (12:56 minutes)

5Settling In  Sit quietly and open up to the human experience of simply being alive – here and now. Rest in the space between the crown of your head and your seat. (12:40 minutes)

6. Restful Awareness   Find intrinsic rest in this short meditation. There is nothing to seek or attain – simply rest in how things are. (13:32 minutes)

7. Resting, Settling, Grounding   Henry gentle guides you through your body to rest, settle, and melt into a grounded and healing awareness of your being.  Get a taste of how sweet it is to let go of mental and physical tension while opening up to the space where all sensations arise. (25 minutes)


8. Space for Feelings  Meet all sensations and feelings in your body/mind with a tender, warm and compassionate welcome, giving space to whatever arises. (10:11 minutes)

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