Intro to Zen Talks

We have two sets of talks by Henry Shukman that serve as good introductory material to Zen practice. 

Below are six audio talks…

  1. The Origin of Zen Buddhism
  2. Why Meditate (Part 1)?
  3. Why Meditate (Part 2)?
  4. Three Fruits of Zen Practice
  5. Five Kinds of Zen
  6. Three Essentials of Zen Practice
  • Buddha Introductory Talk #1: The Origin of Zen Buddhism - “… Zen Buddhism is focused primarily on meditative practice—“it’s about the sitting.” …” Description: This talk begins with the story of the Buddha, which means, “awakened one.” He began his life as a prince, Siddhartha Gautama (Shakyamuni), and became Buddha after six and a half years of practice. After encountering an old man, a sick man, a […]
  • meditation equanimity clarity concentration Introductory Talk #2: Why Meditate? (Part 1) - “… There is nothing but the present moment … there is nowhere but here and now …”   Description: As we cultivate present-moment awareness, we are training ourselves to really experience what we are experiencing right now. There is nothing but the present moment. If we are thinking about the past or the future, we are doing […]
  • we are interconnected universe Introductory Talk #3: Why Meditate? (Part 2) - “… our existence where nothing is separate from anything else …” Description: This talk explores why it’s worth practicing meditation, in a broader context. Henry points to four main areas of human healing and exploration where mindfulness meditation, or present moment awareness practices, have great benefit. The first area is personal psychology. Over time, as we […]
  • three fruits zen practice Teisho: Introductory Talk #4: Three Fruits of Zen Practice - Description: This talk explores the three fruits of Zen practice. The first is concentration. The second is kensho, “seeing reality” or “seeing true nature.” The third is embodying this experience in everyday life. Concentration, or con-centration, is the process of continuously coming back to the present moment, where our lives are happening, in the center of […]
  • Teisho: Introductory Talk #5: Five Kinds of Zen - “… Supreme way practice has no objective. It is associated with the practice of just sitting. There is no desire to realize anything—it is simply, this …”   Description: This talk covers the five kinds of zen: ordinary practice, outside practice, lesser vehicle practice (Theravada), greater vehicle practice (Mahayana) and supreme way practice. Ordinary practice is […]
  • three essentials of zen practice Teisho: Introductory Talk #6: Three Essentials of Zen Practice - “… three elements that are essential to serious Zen practice: great faith, great doubt and great determination …”   Description: This talk covers three elements that the 11th century master Tahui and the 18th century master Hakuin developed as “essential” to serious Zen practice. (The first and third equate to the 3rd and 4th paramitas – patience and […]

Below are six short video talks by Henry – these are also available on our YouTube Station. 

Talk 1: Fundamentals of why we sit

Talk 2: Thoughts

Talk 3: Present Moment Awareness

Talk 4: Three Fruits of Practice

Talk 5: Four Kinds of Practice

Talk 6:  Methods of Practice 




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