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Joy in the Ordinary

January 18, 2020

Sadly we are being waited on
By eyes much wiser and knowing
Than yours or mine
Just to see what we will do
In our circle of time ~ Navajo poem

Happy small discoveries bring joy and morsels of wisdom from simple unlikely places. In one short period of time the following discoveries were made locally: Postcard art under table glass at a popular restaurant reads, “If you are more fortunate than others build a longer table, not a taller fence.” Lyrics sung at an evening festivity rang out, “Seize the day before it seizes you.” The Navajo poetry rock pictured above left anonymously at a local trailhead can be found by all to enjoy and contemplate. Tiny free libraries are discovered in improbable places.

Sometimes we search so hard to find “joy” –– or “happiness” or “enlightenment” or … This searching is the actual cause of much of our suffering. In the wanting, we suffer. Ultimately, mindfulness leads us to a coming home in ourselves that finds acceptance in the present moment. With our awareness engaged we see inspiration and wisdom all around us in ordinary places coming from ordinary people. Joy is everywhere just waiting to be noticed. What we have spent so much energy searching for was right before us all along.

From our January 13, 2020 Newsletter, RGMI Section.
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