Message from Henry: A Single Path

Sometimes people feel they need to go to many different teachers. Master Sheng Yen says it’s as if they think they’ll get something from each teacher, say one dollar from each one, so if they go to ten they’ll have ten dollars. He goes on to say that a more helpful analogy is that of crossing a river. Can that really be done with more than one vessel? Why would we need ten boats to do that? Could it even be done that way at all?

Far better to commit to a single path of practice, trust our karma, trust our self, trust our life and what it brings to us, and go deep into our life, our self, our way, and find out what all this is really about, once and for all.


Message from Henry is from our August 26, 2018 Newsletter
Image: Pathway free photo, Pixabay License

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  1. Lorraine August 30, 2019 at 3:11 am #

    Sometimes following just one path can lead to many wrong doings
    Sometimes it is better to take an alternative path

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