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Message from Henry: Healing

April 17, 2018

The real healing is the dropping away of the unreal self…

Recently while teaching in San Diego, during a question-and-answer session, someone asked about the healing aspects of practice. I said something like: first there’s the wound of separation, that we feel separate from all else. That “heals,” in a sense. But it happens through the practice dealing us a greater wound, an infinite wound, an absolute gulf of a wound. As a result of that, all is healed. As master Unmon said, “Medicine and sickness correspond to each other. This whole earth is medicine.”

All we experience is, in a sense, the healing of the infinite wound. Yet only once we have opened to that wound, an infinite lack, do we see its infinite healing. We are healed by healing being unnecessary. It was another form of delusion all along…

…which may not be a popular proposition with adherents of the healing arts.

We may feel we have a wounded self that needs healing, and that the healing is occurring. Fine. But in practice it’s more that something else is growing stronger, clearer, deeper, more real, and in time the wounded or healing self will be eclipsed by it. The real healing is the dropping away of the unreal self that can be either wounded or healed.


Message from Henry is from our April 16, 2018 Newsletter
Image: Natural Backlight by HeungSoon, Public Domain CC0 1.0
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