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Message from Henry: Just Sitting

June 21, 2016


Some thoughts on the practice of shikantaza or just sitting…

Becoming aware of space right in the middle.

A gentle but global awareness, a spaciousness, which allows everything to flourish.

A lucidity in which all things can be themselves with ease.

The practice of not influencing anything.

Shikantaza: nothing but exactly sitting.

With patience and stillness, somehow, like a lightly charged compass needle, after much trembling and wavering, it starts to align, by itself.

Intimacy: all things immediately present.Mind drowned in not-knowing.

Coming home, into the speechless heart.

Sacred ground: It’s alive! It’s alive!

The practice of no practice.

The field of practice that is found only through no practice.

Message from Henry is from our June 20, 2016 Newsletter
Image: Zen Yoshikawa, CC by-SA 2.0, from

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