Message from Henry: No Mind

The whole world is… a projection of mind.

Often in life it can happen that we find what we’re looking for. If we’re out to spot unkindness and hypocrisy, we’ll surely find them in this world. And if we’re out to see kindness and integrity, we will find them just as surely.

From a Mahayana point of view, it’s not so odd. The whole world after all is a projection of mind, as the Lotus Sutra says.

So really it’s up to us what kind of world we want to live in. The bodhisattva chooses the path that leads to a world of beauty and compassion, and therefore serves and helps as best they can.

…and by the way, the Sutra goes on to say… there is no mind.

Message from Henry is from our July 30, 2018 Newsletter
Image:  Desert Sun by photo-graphe, Public Domain CC0 1.0 from
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