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Message from Henry: Nothing to Heal

February 18, 2020

There is nothing to heal.

The great promise of Zen is that who we really are has been intact, whole and complete since before the beginning of time. And far from being some lofty unreachable claim, this is a palpable, immediate, intimate reality that is actually available in every moment.

 This may fly in the face of some understandings, some received knowledge, of institutions with hierarchies and procedures, of “progress” as it’s sometimes understood. And for some of us, along the way to unearthing that reality, some steps on the ordinary path of healing may be counseled: relaxing the nervous system; cultivating present moment awareness; dropping into states of meditative absorption – jhana and samadhi.

 But all these steps and gradual, incremental advances – every one of them is already the total healing and wellness of the great Way, the whole, the universal fact that produces every moment. Yet sometimes we work with them anyway.

Message from Henry is from our February 18, 2020 Newsletter.
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