Message from Henry: Now What?

There used to be a voice in me that would say: So what now? But now what?

It used to speak up regularly when I emerged from a retreat where I’d gone deep in practice. Or I’d be blown away by some kind of experience of unity or boundlessness, and sooner or later this voice would pipe up, saying: Now what?

Like: OK, whatever it may be you have just experienced, what is the follow up? What do you do with it? Now what?

At a certain point, that voice got left behind, and hasn’t come up since. It lost its relevance. And if it did come up, I guess I would have an immediate response, like do the dishes, tidy up the kitchen, fill up the car, or whatever. And it wouldn’t seem like any kind of problem.


May we all find courage, peace, gratitude, love. May it be so.

Message from Henry is from our March 31, 2020 Newsletter
Image: Brown Sand, Free stock photo by Miri
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