Message from Henry: Offering

Giving up. Giving to. Giving in.

Last week I wrote that Mu is not a task. Why not?

If we bring the question back to practice in general — practice can seem like a task. We do it, we have a method, we take time to do it. But from another perspective, the basic aspect of practice is to be still and silent. That is, just to be. And thus, to come into alignment with the bare, inconceivable fact of existing.

It’s more like a receiving: becoming open to receiving the fact of existence. It’s more like a receptivity than a task.

In time we may start to experience it also as a kind of offering, a prayer even, a giving. A whole-body giving. Giving up. Giving to. Giving in.

None of these seem like a task.

Image:  White flower by Rosa Bellino
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