Message from Henry: One with the World

The world arises as consciousness arises.

This world matches us, suits us, meets us. The world is as it is because we are as we are. It’s not two systems. Self and world are a single system.

It’s not that we don’t have to function in the world. We have to eat food, drink water, keep warm and dry, if we are to survive. But we are not in fact individuals in the world, in spite of that. We are one system with the world. The world is created as we are created.

The world arises as consciousness arises. We are created to meet, love, feel and feed the world as best we can.

It’s nice. The 8,000-line Prajna Paramita Sutra says that Shakyamuni Buddha’s world-system is full of suffering because he has so much compassion. Other Buddhas have world-systems where other characteristics predominate, dependent on their characteristics.

This becomes clearer through practice. Practice is study of the Dharma – meaning, the law of the arising of things, and the study of things as they are, and as they are experienced.

Message from Henry is from our May 28, 2018 Newsletter

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