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Message from Henry: Skilled Practice

March 20, 2018

Everything, each thing, is just waiting to be met.

A musician, through practice, not only gets skilled at their instrument, but also learns to hear in greater detail what a whole orchestra is doing – both overall, and with specificity. Their own focused skill develops the clarity and range of their listening.

In an analogous way, the meditator develops their own skill at observing and noticing the “symphony” of sense-experience that actually constitutes our life.

Everything, each thing, is just waiting to be met. The tiny crumb-sized shadow on the wall right beneath a little unevenness in the plaster-work: it has a reality, a power of existence, which if met brings us into communion with the whole of creation. Let’s not despise or ignore it. We may have to open ourselves up more than is familiar, but isn’t it worth it?

Message from Henry is from our March 19, 2018 Newsletter
Image: Moss and dewdrops by Myriams-FotosPublic Domain CC0 1.0
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