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Message from Henry: Tree Dharma

July 24, 2018

Listen to the trees.

Hear what they’re saying: let it all go, just let it go. Then you can join us.

Their speech is one long invitation. All the planning, scheming, all you think of as your mind, your life, your hopes, dreams and fears – let them go, just give them up.

Then you can join us, say the trees. Let us fill your world. Let our world be yours.

Then the world you believe is in front of you, the birdsong you’re hearing, the floor, the patch of sun by the door – you find you’re not looking at any of it – rather, it’s all you. It’s your own very mind and heart and core.

The trees that are speaking in their long perfect chorus: it’s your very own voice you’re hearing.


“To be fully human” – that’s the project. To do that, the key is dropping the self, being liberated from a constricted notion of self, forgetting self, seeing through self and its two attendants, greed and aversion.

Message from Henry is from our July 23, 2018 Newsletter
Image:  Forest, Free photo,  Public Domain CC0 1.0 from
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