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Message from Henry: Uncertainty

April 29, 2020

Henry was recently interviewed for the Albuquerque Journal North by Monica Gagnier. This weeks message is Henry’s response to her final question. The full article was published on Sunday April 19.

Question: Do you think the coronavirus will bring more people to a spiritual way of life, whatever that may be?

Henry: I surely hope that everything we experience will collectively bring us to wiser, kinder ways of living, not just individually, but as a whole society. We have obviously reached a point in the human story where the major challenges facing us are not nation-based; they are world- based.

The time for division is over. We have to come together to heal the grievous wounds of this world and to cease creating more wounds. I doubt that coronavirus in itself can turn around our collectively heedless modern ways, but maybe it will give us all a little pause.

I find my practice repeatedly calls me back to the uncertainty of things, and the pandemic has surely raised people’s awareness of uncertainty.

There is a zen koan where a master says: Not knowing is most intimate. Maybe feeling less certain can be a good thing, even if it is uncomfortable. Perhaps it can even be a gateway to a deeper way of living.

If you are a subscriber, you can read the full article on the Albuquerque Journal North website.

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