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Message from Henry: Weather

February 23, 2022

These days if we want to know what the weather is like, we look at our phones. We see read-outs of probabilities of rain or sun. But we can miss what weather really is. Slow storm-systems that move over the mountains and plains, and across the oceans like pods of whales, like herds of bison in the old days. They take their time and can’t be rushed.

For example, the clouds that have wrapped the mountains today and made the road impassable, up at the refuge where I’m heading, are moving on now. Then the sun coming out, and the dirt road here starting to steam, and give off its moisture, and firming up so it can be driven again — these are all processes with their own pace and timeframes.

It’s good to recognize that, and submit to their scale of time.

Message from Henry is from our February 21 2022 Newsletter.

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