Suffering and Beauty, Mid-Summer Virtual Retreat, July 29-August 1

Mid-Summer Virtual Retreat
Suffering and Beauty, How the Heart Opens
July 29 – August 1
Led by Henry and Valerie

We tend to contract around suffering, and that contraction then becomes more suffering. We hear that the Path leads away from suffering, to liberation from suffering. But hearing that may only add further suffering, as we seek to flee delusion and “gain” awakening. To fight against the way this moment is; to wish for another moment; these are the core of suffering. 

Once practice allows us to become softer and more tender, the heart can start to open to our hurts, and as it does so, they may become beautiful – even become the very heart of our awakening….  A four-day virtual zen retreat with Henry and Valerie.


Retreat Schedule 

Main Block
8:45am MT yoga/qigong
9am-noon MT with a dharma talk at 10am
1-3:30pm MT with movement and Q&A at 2pm
Additional sitting
Early morning sitting  6:00-8:00am MT (or 2-4:00pm CET)
Evening sitting 6:30-8:30pm MT


You can attend part or all of the retreat. If you are unable to commit to all days or all times during the day, come when you are able. Teishos (dharma-talks) are open to all, at 10am each day, at no cost. Please make a donation if you are able.

$100 – Minimum or part-time fee
$200 – Full fee
$300 – Benefactor fee

As we approach reopening, Mountain Cloud has expansion and maintenance expenses. Please pay as generously as you are able, but we understand that some of you will need financial assistance. If so, please contact Johanna to make arrangements.

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