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Mindful Awareness

August 11, 2018

All conditions and experiences are valid for practice.

Buddha’s teaching on mindful awareness practice is broad: it covers a lot of bases. Be mindful of body posture, of short breath, long breath, of pleasant sensation, unpleasant sensation, sensation that is neither pleasant nor unpleasant, of perceptions and interpretations, of reactions and impulses. And of mind-states: desiring mind, wrathful mind, confused, distracted, scattered mind, contracted mind, and so on.

One way to look at this is that he is encouraging us simply to be aware of whatever is arising. Which implies various things.

First, there is no special state we need to be in. All conditions and experiences are valid for practice.

Second, all that is required for helpful practice is that we be aware – no matter of what. The quality of mindful awareness itself is a wholesome state, regardless of content or object.

Third, any and all objects, if clearly known, are sufficient for awakening.

~ Henry Shukman


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