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Mindful Living: Our Mind Can Be Our Friend

February 1, 2020

Our quality of life has a lot to do with how we use our brain. As we refer to our measurable intellectual capacity as our IQ, so we have a corresponding emotional intelligence which we refer to as our EQ. Self-awareness gives us insight into how our emotions affect our thinking, our reasoning, and our relationships with others and vice versa. Our thoughts trigger emotions. Conversely, our emotions can conjure up subconscious habitual patterns of thinking, and even habitual physical responses.

The greater the insight into these processes, the greater our EQ. The insight we gain through patient mindful observance increases our EQ. As we gain greater levels of self-awareness, we gain more ease within ourselves and more empathy toward others. Therefore, everyone around us benefits from our mindful effort!

From our January 27, 2020 newsletter, written by Yvonne Sebastian.
Free Image by Greg Rakozy, from Unsplash
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