Mindfulness Weekend: January 17-19 – Retreat is Full

The Mindfulness Retreat is full and registration is closed.  We will be having an Intro to Meditation Retreat in February (14-16)  and another Mindfulness Retreat in June (5-7)

Join us for a mindfulness weekend retreat, led by Henry Shukman, January 17-19, 2020.We will be going over some of the basic foundations of mindful meditation practice — sitting with difficult emotions, understanding how the default mode network produces thought, understanding the back and forth between thought and feeling and how they can reinforce one another, and learning to interrupt that process.

We will explore ways to ground ourselves in present moment awareness, and to reduce the suffering caused by strong attachment to experiences we identify with. And, for those so inclined, we will explore how to open up the great exploration of a lifetime, into who and what we are.

There will be break out groups for support and question and answer periods. As we settle into practice, the weekend will become silent. This mindfulness weekend is suitable for both beginners and long term practitioners. We begin on Friday evening and end mid-day Sunday.  Meals and lodging are included.

Cost and lodging
Commuter: $150
  (includes meals and retreat fees) – FULL
Shared lodging: $170   (includes meals, retreat fees and shared lodging) – FULL
Single room lodging: $270   (includes meals, retreat fees and single room lodging) – FULL


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