Heart of Teaching Fellowship Scholarships


 Hemera Scholarship Eligibility

Hemera fellowships provide scholarships to…

1) Full-time teachers, counselors, or administrators working 30 hours per week or more in pre-K or K-12 schools (public, charter, or independent with no endowment).


2) Full-time educators (30 hours/week/or more) with pre-K or K-12 students outside of schools.


3) Students currently enrolled in a Master’s of Education program or an Early Childhood certificate program.

If you do not qualify for a fellowship or if all fellowships have already been granted, you can register and pay for a Heart of Teaching Retreat. Cost is flexible.  Click here for more information. Or email us with questions.

To apply for a Hemera Fellowship for either November 18 or December 2 Heart of Teaching Retreat, fill out the form below….

All scholarships for the November 18 and December 2 Retreats
have been awarded.

If you would like to be on a waiting list, fill out the form below and we will let you know if a space opens.  Our scholarship waiting list is getting full, so its unlikely you will get a spot in the retreat.

If you would like to attend the workshop as a paying participant (we have a flexible sliding scale $25-$100), click here to register.  Registering is the best way to guarantee a spot. 

Hemera Fellowship Application

Hemera Fellowship Application
    If your date preference changes, please contact Mountain Cloud to let us know.
  • Suggested responses: none, beginner, more advanced, long time meditation practice.
    Hamera fellowships are awarded to educators working at least 30 hours per week.
    Please don't apply if you are unsure if you can attend, as fellowships are in high demand. If you receive a fellowship and have to cancel, please let us know immediately.
    A few months following the retreat we will send out a survey to find out about the impact it had on your life and work.







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