The RGMI approach to training is informed by long experience with school reform, youth leadership development, diversity education, nature-based learning, and Peter’s Senge’s notion of the “learning organization.” At any age or stage of development, we believe that a grounded mindfulness practice can improve your leading and learning. This includes emotional regulation, stress reduction, mental concentration, curiosity, and creativity. Our programs take into account the unique needs of your learning style, personal culture, and organizational setting. We also have creative ways to support the kind of change you’d like to see. These support systems may take the form of virtual meetings or periodic site visits.

Our current service offerings are:

  • “The Heart of Teaching” – a Daylong Retreat

This lighthearted but serious introduction to mindfulness is our signature program. It has drawn hundreds of teachers, leaders, and youth workers from 60 public, private and charter schools since 2016.

  • Customized Services for Your Whole School or Organization

Our teaching team can travel to your campus, working with faculty and students to reinforce positive school culture and instill mindfulness-informed teaching and learning.

  • Training Programs for District-wide Teachers and Administrators

Similar to our whole school approach, our teaching team travels to you, working in innovative ways with all or selected subgroups of staff to increase interpersonal wellbeing, strengthen community, or to bolster related initiatives.

  • Youth Leadership Development

We offer daylong and multi-day teen retreats that offer skills in stress management, concentration, and interpersonal awareness for leadership and academic success. Since 2016, we have worked with youth statewide and from 15 countries.

  • Keynote Presentations

Whether keynote addresses or conference presentations, we offer inspiring talks on such topics as the intersection of mindfulness and creativity, how to stay sane in the Culture of Interruption, and mindfulness tools for parenting.

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