“RGMI’s mindfulness training is an outstanding, low-risk, high impact introduction to mindfulness practices. There are tangible benefits to school culture, teaching, and personal wellbeing. I know this first hand, since I attended the Heart of Teaching, along with most of my faculty. We have plans to get all of our teachers to experience this rejuvenating and regenerating workshop.  I highly recommend it!” — Sam Obenshain, Executive Director, Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School

“The best professional development day we have ever had!” – Teacher from Espanola Public Schools 

95% of graduates of the 2018 Heart of Teaching retreats said, “The retreat offered practical strategies for supporting my personal mindfulness practice and how this is relevant to my work with students.”

“The instructors were very knowledgeable. Henry’s guided meditations were wonderful. It was helpful to know one way we can deal with the physical sensations of sound, sight, feeling and thoughts that would come up by simply giving them a label and allowing them to pass until the next sensation comes up.” – Teacher from Kearny Elementary Santa Fe Public Schools

“I loved it! I left recharged and so calm and peaceful!”
“I appreciated the guided meditations with words to recenter the wandering mind. ”  -Teachers from Los Alamos Public Schools


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Click here to hear Espanola Public School teacher Jon Barnes reflecting on how he plans to bring mindfulness to his students.


The October Heart of Teaching Workshop was full and so rewarding!
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