Mountain Cloud Art Exhibit and Fundraiser

Please join us!

Mountain Cloud Art Exhibit and Fundraiser
13 Paintings by Christy Hengst
inspired by Mountain Cloud

Sunday June 28-July 3
online preview at

Friday July 3, 5-8pm MST
in-person exhibit and preview outside
socially distanced and spread out on the grounds of Mountain Cloud

Saturday July 4 9am – Sunday July 5 9pm MST
online sale of paintings on Christy’s website.

50 percent of sales go to Mountain Cloud Zen Center

Video of the exhibit…. Please watch!

Encounter and Orientation

This current body of work is an exploration of the experience of Place at Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM.  “Place” includes the specific history of the built environment, the land that it sits on, and the resonance of the activity of meditation for which this place was made.

Field research includes hiking the land with sketchbook and pencil, making drawings, taking notes and creating maps, all of which eventually make their way into the larger paintings.  The process of orientation is essentially relationship-building with a place.

When I noticed a free-box of zen books left at Mountain Cloud, I brought them to the studio and began using their pages in my paintings.  Soon I was scouring used book stores for the books that I find to be most meaningful.  Even though the carefully chosen selections of text on the subject of meditation often become obscured by drawing and painting, I see them as an important layer in the build-up of the character of these pieces.

Meditation is a way to know myself and my relationship to the world in an essential way.  This series of paintings marries the exploration of meditation with the process of creativity.  It’s an ongoing balance of listening and acting.

Christy Hengst is a Mountain Cloud sangha member and student of Henry’s since 2010.  Christy’s studio is in a Santa Fe barrio of artists and craftspeople where cross-discipline collaboration is common, including with her husband Helmut Hillenkamp’s blacksmith shop next door.  (Helmut made much of the iron work at Mountain Cloud).

Relationship — with oneself, between people, and with place –runs throughout Christy Hengst’s work.  She has spent over three and a half decades making paintings as well as site-specific public art, investigating the mysteries of place and relationship.

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