Intermediate Retreat October 11-14, 2018: Canceled


This October we are holding our first “intermediate” retreat — a multi-day retreat that runs 9.30-5.30 each day.  For people who have done an introductory retreat but aren’t sure about taking on one of our intensive retreats (sesshin) this might be a good step. And anyone who is interested in trying out a lighter schedule is of course welcome.

The retreat will start on the morning of Thursday 11th October and end with lunch on Sunday 14th. There will be a talk each day, and interviews will be offered. Optional additional sitting will be available each early morning and evening, for those who would like it.  Lodging is available and breakfast and lunch will be served. Dinner is on your own.

There will be plenty of outdoor practice, both walking and sitting, and for those attending the early morning sits, we will have samu time (work practice) to help tend the land of Mountain Cloud, among other things.

Payment is for the entire sesshin and cost is the same for both residents and commuters. Financial aid is available, please click here for our financial aid policy and application.

Sliding fee scale is $250  $350

Payments that exceed $250 contribute to our 
scholarship fund and are tax deductible

Please register and make your payment by October 7. If you don’t want to pay online, please bring a check or cash to the center by October 7, or make an arrangement with our administrator Johanna. Also, no refunds after October 7.


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