Original Love Series Next Class: Monday August 9

We would like to invite you to explore, Original Love, a new live, virtual training program developed by Mountain Cloud’s guiding teacher, Henry Shukman.

This three-week online series is fully recorded. You can still register for this event and will receive the recording(s) from any class missed. Click here.

Original Love is a warm-hearted path of meditation that places love at the core of human growth. Inspired by Zen, by the “four foundations of mindfulness,” and by other practices, it is a sensitive approach to four primary areas of meditative mastery and growth, and outlines a healthy, safe path to the extraordinary experience of awakening – discovering the reality of no-self and of boundless unity.

Original Love covers the fundamentals of meditation and offers a secular path to awakening and beyond. It is suitable for anyone interested in the possibilities of mindfulness, regardless of background. Developed from practices that date back to 7thcentury China with roots in early Indian Buddhism, it offers a comprehensive map of practice, adapted for a modern audience.

Why is it called Original Love?

There is a level of our being that is boundlessly one. In Zen it is referred to as “original nature.” But since to experience it is to taste a kind of ultimate love, here it’s known as “original love.” As we explore the four main areas of growth the course covers — basic mindfulness, opening to support, finding flow, and awakening — we find that each has love at its center. Every time we taste that unconditional love, we are coming to know “original love” too.

Who is it for?

It has been said that the purpose of life is to feel and know love. Original Love is for anyone interested in finding the true peace of mind that mindfulness and awakening can offer. It invites us to reorient our priorities toward living out of love in all our relationships, work and activities.

Dates and Times:

Three week course: Mondays, 6:30-8:15pm MT, July 26, August 2, August 9

Weekend retreat: Saturday August 14 – Sunday August 15, 9am-3pm MT each day

Students can take the 3 week course, the weekend retreat, or both. All of Original Love is virtual, online. You will receive a zoom link when you register. 

Click here for a detailed course curriculum
and to register for the Original Love series
and the weekend retreat.

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