Welcome to Mountain Cloud

To awaken, liberate and protect all beings.

Located in Santa Fe, NM, in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Mountain Cloud is a meditation center, offering daily sitting and several teaching events most weeks. Click here for our weekly schedule.  For upcoming sesshins and special events click on Events and Retreats.

Getting Started

Meditation has proven benefits. More energy, more concentration, more peace, more love, more joy, more presence, more kindness.  The easiest way to get started in a meditation practice and find out if it’s for you, is to come by on a Wednesday afternoon at 5pm for a one-hour Intro to Zen class. We run these weekly and year-round. Continue Reading …

Our teacher is Henry Ryu-un Shukman, an Associate Zen Master of the Sanbo Zen lineage. Continue Reading …

Nobutada Meditating Daruma

Zen and the Art of… Art

Zen art suggests a new way of seeing, a new way of being, that cuts to the core of what it means to be fully human and fully alive. — John Daido Loori Sesshu Toyo (1420-1506) -this is an example of a Zen landscape done during the Muromachi period. Sesshu trained as a professional painter in […]

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Heaven meets Heart

When Heaven Meets Heart

“When heaven meets heart a flower blooms unborn and undying it lives with a care till it turns the heard towards the ground and bows in gratitude” Photo and poem by Rosa Bellino, used with her permission

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Zazenkai: Sunday August 23, 9am-4pm

Join us for a day of zazen with Henry and the Mountain Cloud community. The day will include sitting, kinhin, teisho, and dokusan. Please come and dedicate a full day to your zazen practice and the dharma.  All are welcome. The cost is $25 for members of Mountain Cloud Zen Center and $30 for non-members. […]

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The purpose of this training is in fact to lead us to a sudden clear recognition of reality. Zazen is many things: here is another… It allows us space in which to explore other ways of experiencing difficult feelings than our normal strategies. Typically most of us first try one of two things to deal […]

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Case 6 Book of Equanimity. Master Baso’s Black and White

Episode Description: Henry examines this fascinating koan in which a monk asks Master Baso, “What is the meaning of Bodhidharma’s coming from the West?” or, more specifically, what did Bodhidharma really hope we would discover when he brought the Zen meditation school from India to China?  The talk briefly examines the “4 Propositions” and “100 Negations” […]

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Newsletter: July 21, 2015

This never tires. This never hurts. This could never lack, or own, or want, or desire, or feel. Yet this, though it has nothing, is always fulfilled, as Dogen said. Below are some excerpts from our latest Newsletter, July 21, 2015. Please signup for our newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of this page (see the box Subscribe below) […]

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The Dharma

Once there is even a small hole, the Dharma can start to seep through. At first it’s not evident to us. We can conceive of it intellectually—it’s the Buddha’s teaching, it’s the law of cause and effect, it’s all phenomena—but not truly experience it as a living fact. For that to happen, apparently we have […]

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