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Located in Santa Fe, NM, in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Mountain Cloud is a meditation center, offering daily sitting and several teaching events most weeks. Click here for our weekly schedule.  For upcoming sesshins and special events click on Events and Sesshins.

Getting Started

Meditation has proven benefits. More energy, more concentration, more peace, more love, more joy, more presence, more kindness.  The easiest way to get started in a meditation practice and find out if it’s for you, is to come by on a Wednesday afternoon at 5pm for a one-hour Intro to Zen class. We run these weekly and year-round. Continue Reading …

Our teacher is Henry Ryu-un Shukman, an Associate Zen Master of the Sanbo Zen lineage. Continue Reading …

Going Back To The Source: Humanist Enlightenment in The West {VIDEO Clip}

This is the 9th short video clip (8:44) from the conversation between Stephen Batchelor and Henry Shukman, on June 4, 2014, at the Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico on “Going Back to the Source.”  The entire talk’s video (1:03:15) can also be viewed on our YouTube channel. Their dialogue covers : Eastern and Western thought, the great […]

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Radical Acceptance

  Slowly we are being pulled into the center and core of our being. We are gently coming to know our “kokoro” – our heart-mind, our core – ever more intimately. In Zen, the slower we go the sooner we get there. The “goal” is not out there. Maybe it’s better to think of ourselves […]

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The tree is the self. The day it falls is the day we let ourselves go, and drop into a vast truth that has been with us all along yet which we didn’t see.. I’m sure there are people out there who don’t need a teacher but I’m so happy I’m not one of them. […]

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Is it really possible to resolve our human life in spite of all the losses we face? In a sense, the Bible story of Job is a story of awakening. After repeated assaults on all the outward conditions of Job’s life—his family, his friends, his flocks—after losing everything he valued, he finally discovers there is […]

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Holiday Schedule Changes

Hello Friends, Some schedule changes for the holidays…. Intro to Zen Class:  No intro classes on Dec 24th and 31st. Class resumes January 7th. Wednesday evening sit:  No regular sit on the 24th; On New Years Eve, December 31, the Rinzai group will lead a ceremony which includes having a member from each group lead […]

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… it became clear how very much I owed my birth parents. I was grateful to them in a way I never had been before…. They had given me the greatest opportunity of all, a human life. Yasutani Roshi said this about his mother’s life story: My mother’s family fell more and more into poverty […]

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Newsletter: December 17, 2014

“The clarification of life and death—this is Buddhism’s most important concern.” — Dogen Zen is not just a matter of sitting ourselves down on the “seat of enlightenment” …and hoping for the best. Below are some excerpts from our latest Newsletter, December 17, 2014, featuring Henry Shukman’s dharma teaching. Please signup for our newsletter by scrolling to […]

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Going Back To The Source: Ancient Greeks and Buddhism {VIDEO Clip}

Stephen Batchelor returns to Mountain Cloud on Thursday April 2, 2-4pm for a conversation on early Buddhism, the Zen tradition and ancient Greek Philosophy with Mountain Cloud guiding teacher Henry Shukman–continuing the exploration of contact and congruence between the ancient East and West. Last year, Stephen and Henry sat down for an engaging conversation, on June […]

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We had a wonderful Rohatsu sesshin earlier this month with over thirty participants embracing deep silence.   Thank you to all particpants, much gratitude to the zendo team and a very deep gassho to our teacher Henry Shukman.   

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Dharma Adaptation

We are very attached to our selves and their desires and loves and fears. Yes, we have to find ways for Dharma practice to adapt to western culture… But the far greater project is our own adapting to the Dharma. Otherwise, why bother? Some fruits of meditation are easier to accept than others. Who wouldn’t want […]

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